Bishal Nath profile picBishal Nath is a fine art artist from North Eastern part of India and staying in Mumbai (Bombay), India right now. He has been using pencil, colors and brush for more than 20 years. He had grown up practicing Rabindranath Tagore’s style of drawings and paintings. He used watercolor for most of his painting in earlier days. Then he started working with oil colors and then acrylic color on canvas mostly.

He tries to depict episode and experience of real life while working on canvas. His work on canvas renders lot of positive vibration. For the gloomy part of his painting, he tries to portray alternative meaning that can lead to positive hope. World around him inspires to compose his art.

He is interested in wild life painting when it comes to realistic world of painting. Eastern & Southern part of India is the primary source of inspiration for his wild life paintings.

Along with painting, he loves to write poems, stories and film screenplay. He always notes down the interesting and funny incidents around him and portrays it to cartoon in the free time. His debut short film as writer & director was screened in many film festivals across Europe and Americas. He is currently working on his first fine art paintings & poetry book. He divides his time between fine art paintings, drawings, films and literature.

Bishal Nath while painting

Bishal Nath while painting





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